Monday, September 24, 2012

Legacy of Tindale Symposium

Just a quick post to say a big thankyou to everyone who helped out today at the "Legacy of Tindale: photography and the politics of anthropology and native title symposium at the State Library of Queensland".

I'd like to thank the hundred or so people who attended as audience members, as well as people who watched it online. Also thanks to Daniel Browning for his facilitation of the day. I've known Dan for a few years now and there are few people who can engage so well with such diverse topics.

Thanks also to Michael Aird and Louise Denoon with whom I worked most closely in bringing the exhibition together.

The speakers were great. Thanks to Professor Bruce Rigsby, Flo Watson, Henrietta Marrie, Lindy Allen, soon-to-be Dr Marcus Waters, Des Crump, Jeanie Bell, Lindy Allen and Nancy Williams.

My greatest hope for the exhibition was that it would be about our families, not about Tindale and not about anthropology. I had the same hope for the symposium today. And I got what I wanted.

Thank you again.